FLATLANDER FARMS - A good hunter knows it doesn't end with the shot.
  Founded in 1995
Flatlander Farms is the vision and work of the Ricker family.
We're a family owned and operated business, custom cutting venison, dedicated to growing our community and  supporting local businesses. We started small, raising chickens for ourselves and a few friends. I cut meat for years both in grocery stores and as a hunter. Well, you know how that goes... once word gets out, plenty of people need help! Finally it occurred to us that if we were going to spend this much time cutting meat, we'd probably better do it as a business.
In 2009 I met the Eichas family. Combined we had nearly 100 years experience in the industry and it seemed like a natural partnership. Jeremy is a production machine, and Gene is not only the most capable meat cutter I have ever met, but he makes the best sausage in Western New York, period!
In 2012 Carl Columbo joined us , and boy are we glad to have him! Even as a retiree Carl easily outworks the rest of us!
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